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Scotland, the Legendary Highlands

Let's travel together

From 2 to 16 August 2022 in Scotland, United Kingdom.

Scotland is a land of legends. While ghost stories and the Loch Ness monster continue to attract fans of the bizarre, this destination is above all seductive because of its rich history, its unique culture and its raw, wild nature.

Between its heather-covered moors and romantic lochs, its sheer cliffs punctuated by numerous waterfalls and its country roads lost between the mountains, we chose to discover the Highlands for our second Content Travel of 2022.

The Content Travel Concept

A team
An expedition
14 days

Through this unique creative format, let's develop your message together. Much more than a partnership or an editorial interlude, we have imagined Content Travel to meet your requirements as an advertiser - to benefit from unique, engaging branded content that is in line with ROI.

By inviting up to several brands to join the project around a common destination and agenda, we pool the costs inherent in the production of the various contents without making you part of a generic identity. From the art direction to the format of the deliverables, each of our clients is assigned a distinct production time.

Our team at your service

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Warren Lecart


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Julien Zolli


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Romain de Bascher

Producer and model

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Maxime Guiot

Journalist and model

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In search of know-how

Slow Travel, or how to make the unexpected happen

What could be more exciting than going on a quest for amazement? To give yourself time for improvisation, immersion and patience. As opposed to an adventure that is as dense as it is orchestrated, our approach to Content Travel advocates a return to the roots. We give pride of place to surprise, to spontaneous wonder. Through our concept, we create a unique opportunity for our creatives to step out of their comfort zone and for your advertising identity to express its true nature.

Aware of your editorial constraints, this edition will be preceded by customised production sessions. Between specific scenographies, extended product ranges or particular storytelling, concentrating on the response to your own needs at first allows us to preserve the authentic character of the adventure.

In search of traditions and know-how

Beyond the extraordinary landscapes and experiences we have been lucky enough to live, our previous editions have all been marked by the connections we have created. Heritage and traditions are all the more alive when embodied by local figures, ambassadors of their territory. By going to meet them, we immerse ourselves in their passion to immerse you in an unfiltered experience full of meaning.

An outing in the wilderness

From forest walks, to unforgettable bivouac evenings, to sea trips off the Isle of Skye, Scotland is a unique theatre of natural riches that we intend to discover off the beaten track. There is no doubt that this land promises us an authentic and exotic story.

The Timeline of your production

1 - Receiving your products

We need to receive your products by Monday 25 July at the latest. We will never work with two competing brands.

2 - Content creation

Our work will last from 2 to 16 August.

3 - Delivery of your content

We will process your images and edit your content and send them to you by 15 Septemberat the latest.

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