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Content Travel

Adventure as a common thread

The nights in the wilderness, the miles swallowed at daybreak, the fishing parties improvised near the campfire; our definition of adventure is written around the sharing of suspended moments and the enjoyment of the present moment.

Warren Lecart, Romain de Bascher and Maxime Guiot met around this pronounced taste for this form of freedom and have matured a common aesthetic around our stories and photos of our travels.

In response to the great response we received from various brands and media, we started to involve some of them in our adventures. Content Travel was born and will remain our trademark.

Co-creation of content

At a time when, as a brand, your presence on digital media represents a key challenge for you to stand out, the content relayed must be as abundant as it is innovative and always generate more engagement from your community. Our Content Travels have been designed to meet your challenges.

A multiple and amplified promotion

If, compared to a traditional photo shoot, the involvement of multiple brands mechanically reduces the associated costs, our Content Travels create interactions with numerous benefits.

With the multiple uses of the content created, each of the brands involved benefits from extended visibility to all the networks of the partner brands and media.

Since we choose the products and brands involved in our adventures, joining our Content Travels is for you the assurance of benefiting from a coverage extended to communities federated around similar values. To do this, we require each client to respect the mentions related to the use of photos and videos to reinforce the virality of the coverage.

Romain de Bascher
Posted by Romain de Bascher
30 March 2022
Romain de Bascher
Posted by Romain de Bascher
17 March 2022
Maxime Guiot
Posted by Maxime Guiot
March 10, 2021

Ready to take part in the adventure?

Contact us! Our objective is above all to meet your needs as advertisers. Constituents of the deliverables, production of the journey, so many exciting questions to develop together!