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As guarantors of the digital side of Cafe Racer, RAW Collectif is in charge of animating a digital editorial line complementary to the magazine as well as the social network pages.

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From magazine to brand

Unique press and digital coverage in the two-wheeler sector

As a recognized motorcycle magazine, investing in digital is a major challenge that transforms the media and its in-depth operation. Enriching its editorial line on the web requires full control of the interactions and a good definition of the development axes.

On a technical level, deploying web content requires a SEO-oriented approach to writing. Analyzing the popularity of queries in line with the editorial line also allows to develop topics with a high potential of organic traffic.

To build audience loyalty and ensure direct traffic, developing topics of interest is no longer enough. The potential of digital must be fully exploited with a differentiating, interactive and rich media presentation.

Social networks also play a key role in the operation of the media. Facebook and Instagram play very distinct roles here, between community link, brand showcase and information relay at the service of web traffic and the dynamism of the press title.

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