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Raw Post

In search of naturalness

Much more than a fashion, the return to simple and authentic values is a widely observed trend at the consumer level. This quest for truth gives pride of place to the local, the harmonious, the natural and raises a need for sincerity in social relations. 

As saturated as digital communication spaces are, reinstating transparency and a human dimension to advertiser relays requires a profound reconsideration of the approach to content creation.

"While we spend more and more time in the digital world, it's the time away from our screens that we value more and more, the time spent with real people and real things."


A universe, first and foremost

Today, we no longer look for superheroes, but identify with real, accurate characters who are like us. And if authenticity has been part of the agency's DNA since day one, it is precisely around the idea of working with inspiring profiles that the idea of Raw Post was born.

Revealing the world of fascinating personalities in the service of your brand message, inspiring your audience to better engage them; the Raw Post puts the human in the spotlight while mastering the components of the deliverable, at the crossroads of portrait reportage and brand editorial.

An à la carte creation 

Can you imagine boosting your editorial line or building your campaign around our work? Anything is possible! Our creative team is a nimble combination of talents, with many years of experience in fields as wide-ranging as photography, art direction, video, copywriting, graphic design and strategy. 

We tailor our team's capabilities to each project, ensuring that we offer our clients the perfect combination of skills and perspectives to take your project to the finish line.

Examples of projects

Heritage bootmaker

Outdoor / Passion / Slow Fashion


Known for their outstanding durability, these shoes embody the slow fashion philosophy and are regularly presented worn. Passion takes precedence over style, the patina enhances the product, the shoe tells a story.


Bringing their #OutOfFashion motto to life involves putting the brand's products into context. Creating content in collaboration with a renowned paraglider allows for rich storytelling that is suitable for multiple media.

  • A social media and web oriented photo gallery;
  • An article for the brand's micro media;
  • Different video production formats to support the article and for social networks.

Latin alcohol tree

Lifestyle / Sharing / Night


Creating the ritual, inspiring the creation - mixology is a great classic of brand content for alcohol. Mastering the brand's codes and developing content that serves the brand's universe is a major challenge for developing an impactful message.


To ennoble the product with engaging content, to develop a visual universe and controlled formats in phase with the Latin universe of the advertiser and the legal framework dictated by the Évin law.

  • Preparation of signature recipes in advance with the mixologist;
  • Short video clips for social networks presenting several recipes each;
  • Photo gallery for social networks;
  • Graphic layouts in line with the brand's universe.

Sneaker manufacturer

Know-how / Sharing / Nature


Putting know-how in the spotlight was the bet of this French sneaker brand for its fall-winter campaign. Among the four profiles identified to develop the different artistic directions, this chef-explorer offered us an immersion in his natural and experimental universe. 


The challenge of this session was to strike a balance between reporting, to ensure the quality of the transmission of the universe, and branding, to serve the brand and its needs as an advertiser. 

  • A social media and web oriented photo gallery;
  • An advertorial portrait, supporting the various communication channels;
  • A short video format for social networks.


Think of it as the first step in a great adventure! Send us a short message about your feelings and intentions. We'll be happy to imagine what's next!