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A.W. Cooper – Max Geminiani

« Confrery Son of Awcooper, US Dealer clothing »


Presentation A.W. Cooper:


It’s time to talk about this vintage clothing store made in the USA, lost in a street of the flea market of Saint-Ouen (at 4 passage Marceau 93400 Saint-Ouen).

AW Cooper is a boutique with a decor reminiscent of the entrance to the Big Thunder Mountain attraction at Disneyland. By climbing the three steps to enter this place and before making the old wooden floor creak, you will meet its very friendly owner: Max Geminiani.

One can say that Max is not one to take things too seriously; his store still does not have a website, and his best communication comes from his loyal customers.

95% of the pieces offered by the vintage USA store are original vintage pieces from the United States of America.


Other information:




  • The majority of the pieces are vintage and original from the United States.
  • The store has an original decor.
  • Max Geminiani is very cool.
  • Customers ensure its communication.
  • The store refuses to conform to modern communication standards.
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