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Maximum – Armand & Romée

« We manufacture furniture with industrial surplus production. »

Presentation Maximum:

Our goal is simple: to offer high-quality furniture made in France and entirely « recycled » at an affordable price.

To produce its merchandise, a factory involuntarily generates a second production: its waste. Offcuts, pre-series, failures, spacers, error margins, purges, downgrades, surpluses… In France, industry discards a third of its production as waste.

That’s 65,000 tons of material every day…

This waste is a result of an economy that is particularly linear and never gives material a second chance. And yet, in such quantities, industrial waste is an abundant, serial, standardized resource that is perfectly capable of fueling new production.

The industrial surplus comes from a genuine manufacturing process. Beyond a strictly « material » approach, specific to recycling, we consider it for its form and all the qualities acquired during the stages of its production. It is an object, a semi-finished product without a future. Reusing it means taking advantage of all the technical equipment deployed for its transformation: machines, human time, and know-how constitute the real value of production losses.

Exploiting this value allows us to achieve a true economic feat: offering products made entirely in France, finished by hand, guaranteed for life, and at affordable prices.

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  • High-quality furniture: The company offers furniture of high quality.
  • Sustainable production: The company uses a sustainable approach by recycling waste from the manufacturing process.
  • Made in France: The products are entirely made in France, which supports local manufacturing and economy.
  • Hand-finished: The products are finished by hand, which ensures attention to detail and quality.
  • Affordable prices: The company offers products at affordable prices, which makes them accessible to a wider audience.
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