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Repair of mountain shoes – Thierry HOO

« Get back on your feet with our fast and reliable shoe repair solutions. »

Presentation A la Ville, A la Montagne:


From father to son, La Cordonnerie A La Ville A La Montagne specializes in the repair of city and mountain shoes. You will also find a selection of personalized hiking and mountain shoes tailored to your feet, as well as quality maintenance solutions.

A private space is dedicated to made-to-measure shoes. Come and escape to our chalet with a warm atmosphere and Savoyard decor where we will welcome and advise you with pleasure and passion.

Other information:




  • Expertise: « A la ville A la montagne » specializes in repairing both city and mountain shoes, and they have a team of skilled artisans who have extensive experience in repairing and maintaining all types of footwear.
  • Personalization: The company offers personalized services, including made-to-measure shoes, to ensure that each customer’s shoes fit perfectly. They also provide expert advice and recommendations to help customers select the best solutions for their specific shoe repair needs.
  • Quality: « A la ville A la montagne » uses only high-quality materials and techniques to repair and maintain shoes, ensuring that every repair is of the highest quality and durability. They take pride in their workmanship and strive to provide long-lasting solutions for their customers.
  • Passion: The company is passionate about shoes and their repair work, and they are committed to providing exceptional customer service and quality repairs. They have a deep appreciation for the value of well-made shoes and are dedicated to helping their customers keep their favorite footwear in top condition for as long as possible.
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