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Wakaze Sake

Ancestral know-how

Presentation of Takuma and Shoya:


In order to democratize sake for everyone, we break the conventions while respecting the tradition. We combine Japanese expertise with French influence, bringing together the best of both cultures. We want to stimulate a global love for sake and produce sake for the next generation. Takuma is the founder and president of Wakaze sakagura. He graduated from Keio University and Ecole Centrale Paris with a degree in Science and Engineering, Wakaze Sake Ancestral know-how and began his career at Boston Consulting Group before launching Wakaze in Japan in 2016. Shoya is a brewmaster at Wakaze sakagura. He graduated from the University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Agriculture and comes from a large brewing family in Gunma, Hijiri. Shoya was also Kurabito in various breweries such as Aramasa in Akita, Masuda in Toyama and Abe in Niigata.

Other information:


  • Tradition and know-how
  • Intuition and precision
  • Experimentation and mastery
  • Taking our heritage on the road
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